International Environmental Case Study for Ascension Parish Schools

The school district needs to provide a comfortable, economical way to operate a learning environment for students, teachers and staff. IEC Hi-Rise Modular MXY fan coil units provide cost effective, duct-free, targeted cooling to individual classrooms and other areas of the school such as the computer lab, which requires high levels of cooling all year round.



The school district needs to minimize maintenance expenses associated with the HVAC system as well as down time for units that require service.

IEC fan coil units can be serviced by district facilities staff. Schools keep spare parts and replacement filter media on hand so that in the event of a repair or filter change, maintenance staff can quickly and easily return that classroom or area of the school to normal comfortable conditions without calling for an outside service technician.

Some areas of the school, such as the computer lab, have unique cooling needs that vary greatly from those of a regular classroom.

Because of the heat generated by computers, the computer lab requires cooling all year round. In the colder months, the chillers that assist in cooling the school in the summer are shut down but a cooling-dedicated MXY fan coil unit with DX coils remains active to provide targeted comfort and peak operating conditions to the lab room.