Data Aire With InteleNet Case Study

Data Aire Teams up with InteleNet for “Relentless Support”

As a leading provider of managed hosting and Internet services since 1994, InteleNet (Irvine, CA) is committed to providing customers with the highest level of support to ensure that their systems and applications are up and running on a “24/7” basis. InteleNet has prospered by delivering what they call “Relentless Support™” to customers large and small– a service philosophy that constantly strives to exceed customer expectations.


When planning its 55,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art data center in 2000, InteleNet needed to incorporate precision cooling equipment that would support demanding and frequently changing load requirements. Maximum flexibility, redundancy and reliable equipment operation – paired with a trustworthy source of supply – were key requirements.


InteleNet turned to Data Aire in 2000 to provide precision cooling solutions, and the partnership has endured ever since. Data Aire has approached the challenge with the same type of “Relentless Support” that InteleNet gives its own customers, providing not only state-of-the-art equipment but also the highest level of design and engineering support and service. It is the type of service that has been Data Aire’s hallmark for nearly 50 years in the precision cooling business.

In designing the system, InteleNet and Data Aire settled on unitized direct expansion(“DX”) type air-cooled equipment in lieu of a large chilled water system. The DX units, they believed, would better allow them to increase their cooling capacity with changing needs over time, while also providing the needed redundancy. Anticipating future needs, InteleNet designed the center with enough infrastructure to accommodate growth and has maintained an inventory of extra cooling units to respond quickly to expansion requirements.

The data center currently uses about 20 Data Aire 26-ton downflow units with 10,000 cfm airflow capacity to maintain optimum temperature (68°F +/-2° F) and humidity levels. The air is filtered continuously for contaminants to protect clients’ equipment from excess wear and tear. Air is circulated under the 18″ raised flooring and perforated tiles in specific patterns and is then returned to the units through the filter panels on top.

The “brains” of the system is Data Aire’s Intelli-DART controller, a web-based control system that delivers constant, real-time monitoring of all aspects of performance, sending out instant alerts if any unusual situation should arise. It allows InteleNet to manage information and change settings remotely, eliminating the need for physical contact with individual units. Even greater flexibility is achieved by using this browser-based controller to forward information through InteleNet’s own internal management system.

In addition, InteleNet maintains a separate battery room equipped with a dual uninterrupted power supply (UPS) using multiple generators for redundancy. Two 26-ton Data Aire upflow-style DX units deliver precision-cooled air to this critical area.

The Data Aire units have many enhanced design features, including scroll compressors that offer the best reliability and energy efficiency in the industry. Also, steam canister-type humidifiers are used to reduce the maintenance and standing water problems sometimes associated with other type of humidifiers. Intelli-DART also has a unique feature that reduces operating costs for InteleNet. This feature prevents units in the same zone from providing opposite functions, such as humidification and dehumidification or heating and cooling.




An air-cooled DX precision cooling system from Data Aire is delivering optimum performance to InteleNet’s 55,000 sq. ft. data center.

  • Precise “24/7” temperature and humidity control,

  • Optimum flexibility to accommodate growth and change,

  • Sophisticated, remote access and management of all cooling equipment through a web-based controller,

  • Trouble-free operation and ease of service,

  • A strong and enduring partnership between customer and vendor

How is the equipment performing after several years’ operation? According to InteleNet Director of Engineering, Carlos Oliveira, 

“The reliability has been very high. We’ve had no significant problems, and our program of scheduled maintenance keeps everything running dependably.” 

InteleNet uses an in-house maintenance crew to service the Data Aire equipment.

“In addition, we believe the original decision to use a dry-type design has paid off,” he continues. “A central chilled water system would have involved a larger upfront investment and would not have given us as much operational flexibility. Also, if a large system goes down, it is harder to back up. With individual DX units, you always have the needed redundancy.”

To achieve higher efficiencies, InteleNet has worked closely with Data Aire over the years to tweak and improve performance. One important modification has been to add plenums at the top of the units raising the level of return air intake by about two feet, resulting in more efficient operation.